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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year

Has all been said? I am afraid, almost all has - at least about important issues. But maybe a lot only in Hungarian - although never has been Hungary as much in the news as nowadays. But small things are as annoying as anything: that the "government" tv shows the Krishna community distributing food for the needy and then shows the account number of another foundation (close to the government). The Krishna community, by the way, was illegally established under communism, by an emigree who was smuggled into Hungary in women's clothes. The introduction of a Suzuki (the factory is situated in the community where the ex-mayor from FIDESZ did not want to cede power to the newly elected independent and the FIDESZ group in the communal assembly is making the work of the new mayor impossible) destined for handicapped which is not a special version and eliminating from the interview with the president of the association of the handicapped all criticism he voiced.
A letter from the prime minister to the public servants offering them the possibility to take out a subsidised loan to repay their forex-based credits at a fixed exchange rate, calling the loans forex-covered loans, with further grammatical errors and some further queer statements.
The chief whip of FIDESZ in parliament and mayor of Hungary's most indebted city (who had an equipment on his luxury car bought from public money which blocks police speeding indicators) writing a letter to thee bank who lent in Swiss francs to his ciy threatening with new legislative instruments against them if they do not take over part of their exchange losses.
The serious questions remain: who will stop this amok? And how can this be stopped without causing immense pain to the people of Hungary and without enabling the hard core of the right to show it as foreign intervention against the interest of the Hungarians? The two requirements are actually in contradiction with each-other: the bigger the pain in the country, the smaller the credibility of the present policy and thus the smaller the convincing power of the arguments that it was foreign speculation and intervention which made the "freedom fight" of the government to fail.
So those who want to change, have to tread carefully: search those internal forces - even within FIDESZ - who could stop this (I could not find a politically correct expression here).

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