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Friday, January 20, 2012

Articles in European Voice - MTI bent the truth again

The official Hungarian news agency (you know, the one which is giving away the news for free and thus killed all independent agencies in the country) published that European Voice had an article of the Hungarian minister of foreign affairs justifying government policies and showing how unjust criticism is.
What they forgot is that there were three other articles: one just about the introduction of the infringement procedure by the European Commission , one about the deficit and finally one one from the eastern European correspondent of the Economist . This latter had arguments for both parts, but squarely showed how unjustified the paranoia of the FIDESZ and the government is, in particular the notion that western politicians and journalists are only informed by the liberals and the left in Hungary and have no first hand information (besides confirming that the Economist is not run by the Jews - how could this journalist have this thought, I do not understand - and is not serving the financial oligarchs - he did not think necessary to underline that neither is the Economist left wing, he also told that the two journalists they have in Hungary both speak Hungarian. It can happen, that some of these articles will not be readable without subscription, but I think some will be freely available a week after publication which must be over now.

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