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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tidbits about Hungary

Hungarian members of the European Parliament, accompanied by some Slovaks and Romanians (the list is not available, I wonder which group they belong to and whether they are all of Hungarian origin) and a Belgian submitted a request to present three Hungarian dog species on the "Solidarnosc" esplanade which is between two lines of buildings of the European Parliament, a pedestrian area, featuring huge screens and posters for the Parlamentarium , the EP's neew visitors' centre and other European events like the Sacharov prize and also demonstrations (last time against the Common Agricultural Policy by Belgian Dairy farmers). According to European Voice (see reference above) which reported about the request, there are strict standards for events on the Esplanade, so it is not sure, the show will take place. By the way: due to the revamping of the numbers of MP's for each member state due to the Lisbon Treaty (the number of MEP's has to be decreased), Hungary, with a little less than 10Mn inhabitants has 21 seats, while Sweden, with 9.5, has 19. So what about powerless new member states and colonies?

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